Guide to Vaping


The use of electronic cigarettes (known as e-smoking, or vaping,) is an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Instead of being lit, an electronic cigarette vaporizes a solution of water, nicotine & flavoring. There's no smoke, no combustion. As of now, you can use them in many traditionally non-smoking venues such as a restaurant or bar.

Electronic cigarettes are not meant to be a smoking cessation device.

Characteristics of an electronic cigarette are:

  • No tar
  • No second hand smoke
  • No yellow teeth, fingers, or walls
  • No lingering odors
  • No bad breath
  • No carbon monoxide
  • Imagine being able to lay in bed and watching a movie without having to get up and smoke
  • Imagine being able to sit on your own couch and watch your favorite game on TV without having to go outside in the cold
  • Imagine if you could take a road trip with the family and not have to pull over to smoke

First Things First

First we would like to take just a second of your time to talk about brand names. Unlike many other companies we focus on the top name brands. We have a online superstore for all your premium vaping needs. We only sell the best brands and you pay for what you get so pick us for your premium vaping needs and please beware many companies sell knockoffs. We carry a few of the knockoffs if you want to save a few dollars, but you certainly get what you pay for. Some the top names in our industry are Innokin, Kanger, Vision and Joyetech so please look for these top names when you are purchasing vaping supplies.

Lastly we just want you to know that we hand pick the liquids and liquid companies we deal with, so rest assured you are getting top liquids from only USA companies.

New to Vaping? This is for you...

The Ecig Battery

The ecig battery can range in size, power and stamina. While some ecig users like to start with the smaller, cigarette looking battery, many find that the smaller batteries do not have the power to provide satisfying vapor. In addition, typically the smaller battery will have to be recharged after 2-3 hours of heavy use. It is widely preached in the ecig community that you always get backups for everything ecig – so with backups, you’ll need more than a few smaller batteries. For those wanting to get closer to a day of moderate to heavy use out of your electronic cigarette, an “eGo” style battery at 650MaH or higher is suggested to start out on. In addition to longer battery life, you will be able to test and use a variety of heating elements with a somewhat larger battery such as the eGo or EVOD vs. the smaller cigarette “look-a-like” stick batteries. In the quest to find the perfect vape, ecig users have adapted a variety of shapes, sizes and functionality into their personal vaporizer. I strongly urge that you try to get the idea that “it needs to look like a cigarette” out of your head. The “best” devices of today come in all shapes and sizes. This is usually for performance in either bigger battery, or technology such as variable voltage or wattage. The battery is going to be the key component of your ecig or PV.

The Heating Element

(aka; atomizer, cartomizer)

The purpose of the heating element is to turn your eliquid (see below) into vapor. The heating element of the electronic cigarette is disposable. This is good to keep in mind when making a purchase and trying to figure out which one is right for you. It’s not permanent. Try them all. Certain styles of heating elements last longer than others. There are many different ways to vaporize your e-liquid. Most kits will ship with one or several of either a cart/cartridge, carto/cartomizer or atty/atomizer – or a combination of the three. Most Commonly Used Types of Heating Elements: -Atomizer Great For: Flavor once broken in, vapor, trying new juices easily. Disliked by some because of the need to drip/re-fill after every 5-7 drags. A decent atomizer is going to provide the best flavor out of most any other heating element options. Atomizers come in different varieties/sizes. The 510 is a common choice to vapors, as it will fit anything from an eGo on up to most mods on the market. The lifespan of an atomizer can be a few days if you are unlucky, and over a month if you have better luck. While there are stories of someone using their atomizer for many months, my guess is that the average is around 21 days. For beginners, we recommend you stay away from these until you are ready.

Holds more juice so that you aren’t having to direct drip as much. Most cartos mute the flavor of the juice/e-liquid to a degree, when compared to an atomizer. Cartos typically last 3-4 days, while some users can get more from them, the flavor and airiness will diminish if you push your carto past its prime. Cartomizers are often sold in 5 to a pack for generally $5-$10.

-CE2/CE3/CE4/CE5/T2/T3,etc,etc Cartomizer (Each type has its own difference)
The CE and T family have become a default replacement for most starter kits today. These clear tanks hold between 1 to 4ml’s of e-liquid and depend on one or several wicks to deliver the liquid to the heating element. The main against these clearo tanks is that they don’t wick fast enough and sometimes mute the flavor. These come in a "rebuildable" format, so you can change the wicks or cartridges when needed and are much cheaper in the long run.

The eLiquid

Call it e-liquid, E-juice, or joose even – but without it, there is no point in the rest. The juice is quite simple compared to the list of ingredients in a cigarette, or analog. Electronic cigarette/PV juice will usually consist of VG, PG, flavoring and optional amounts of nicotine that go down to zero. PG/Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient used in a wide range of home and medical applications ranging from baking, skin products, nebulizers and much more. VG/Vegetable Glycerin is a natural base derived from plant oils. PG is known for carrying flavor better, while VG is known for more vapor. Your perfect vape might likely be a mixture of the two, like many vendors offer.

While there are many ecigs that come with pre-filled cartomizers, “pre-filled” are typically not preferred over the myriad of fill-your-own juice possibilities that are out there. Most ecig users tend to try various sample sized bottles of juice to find the ones that suit them. Taste is subjective, and there are so many flavor options.

eJuice can can be made to include nicotine, or without – and anywhere in-between. You can buy various flavors that you would never purchase in a cigarette. A lot of vapers choose to stay away from the tobacco flavored ejuice as to not remind them of a cigarette, pipe or cigar. Some shy away from tobacco flavored vapes because it’s a hard juice to make well without it tasting like an ashtray. Either way, there are great tobacco flavored juices, and there is also nothing like tasting a key lime pie, or southern caramel mocha-chino in your vapor. Experiment with your taste buds, and remember “sample size” until you find the vendors and juices that work for you.

Starter Kits

For most beginners, we recommend a starter kit that contains what you need to get started including 1-2 batteries and Cartos, replacement coils, a USB charger and we also include a free e-juice to get you started. If you prefer, we'll help you build your own kit to your preferences

Ready for the Next Step?

The next step of vaping is moving to a large variable voltage battery and a larger tank style cartridge.

First let’s talk about why you want a Variable Voltage battery or VV. The most important reason is because different flavors vape better at different temperatures and with a VV battery you get to pick the temperature allowing for more vapor production and better taste leading to a better overall experience.

Second let’s talk about your clearomizer (cartridge). We have many choices of cartridges and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. First you need to ask yourself do you need a bigger tank to get you through your day since we have 1.6ml clearomizers all the way up to 5ml clearomizers.

Next you want to pick a style and this is really up to you as to which clearo you feel looks the best with your current battery. We sell various colors and styles to suit your needs. Now the next step in your vaping evolution is you want to pick a clearomizer with a replaceable coil/head. This means simply that you don’t have to replace the whole clearomizer, which can get costly, you will now only need to replace the head/coil at a minimal cost to you. Our customers and staff usually pick the Kanger EVOD or one of our many other quality name brand tanks. . If your ready to get a larger tank than pick something in the 2.5-3.5ml range. If you vape a lot than these are surely to last you all day. Some of our bestselling mega tank kits are the Kanger Protank 2 which are made of pyrex glass. With most of these large tank kits you not only get your clearomizer but you get two or three extra heads which is like getting a new clearomizer everytime you change the head and most importantly saving you money and giving you the best vaping experience. They may be a little more expensive but the price is much cheaper than say buying three ce4 clearomizers which just get thrown away after coil burns out.

In Conclusion...

We hope that this introduction was helpful for you to get started in the world of vaping. If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact us!