Liqua Berry Mix

Best seller! you can taste a strawberry and raspberry like flavor, very nice...

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LIQUA Berry mix

The LIQUA Berry Mix flavor tastes like a combination of strawberry and rasberry! Rather than the usual throwing away of cartridges, now you can refill them. The LIQUA Apple Flavor comes in several nicotine levels to suit your needs - 24mg High, 18mg Normal, 12mg Low, and 0mg No Nicotine. We are sure you will love this flavor!

Right Flavor to Enjoy

LIQUA’s full range of tastes are designed carefully by those who really know what they should be – the most professional flavorists from Italy. That means LIQUA’s Tobacco taste is truly right - as fresh as natural leaf Tobacco. LIQUA Apple flavor is as juicy as a real green apple, and LIQUA Coffee – tastes as good as what you’ve got in your morning cup.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Liqua
Nicotine Level 24,18,12,6,0